Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Very Close Wildlife Encounter of the Day -- September 1, 2012

        Ah, a Saturday at home, there's nothing like it, after a long tedious workweek of extra long days.  Yes, I could have gone birding.  Yet, I have a surplus of photos on my computer that need editing so my first priority for the day was photo-editing.  Migration season has started but is not in full tilt yet.  There's no need to add considerably more photos to the pile of the unedited.  Besides all that,  I have birds here to entertain me and to challenge me photographically -- such as this Red Eyed Vireo that I shot 2 weeks ago from my back deck.

Red-Eyed Vireo -- Parc Perlière (home) -- August 18, 2012

          Yes, when at home, I do add photos to the unedited pile -- but not nearly so many as with an excursion.  After all, how can you resist shooting a well-lit Northern Cardinal?

Northern Cardinal -- Parc Perlière -- September 1, 2012

Or a newly-fledged baby Northern Cardinal being led to cover by its Mama?

Newly-fledged Northern Cardinal -- Parc Perlière -- August 25, 2012

Newly fledged Northern Cardinal being led to cover by its Mama -- Parc Perlière -- August 25, 2012

           Speaking of photographic challenges, capturing the hummingbird wars digitally is also best attempted right here at home.  That, however, will be the subject of a whole other post once the skirmishes have died down and the migrating Ruby-Throateds have moved on.  Just so you know that I am collecting photos, here's a teaser photo of a young guy with attitude!

Young male Ruby-Throated Hummingbird -- Parc Perlière -- August 19, 2012

            So if I spent most of the day yesterday at the computer editing photos, what was my very close wildlife encounter of the day, you may be asking.  Here's the scoop:  After my supper break, I was bringing my dishes back into the kitchen.  I turned around and saw a warbler perched on my feeder at my dining room window looking in at me!  A warbler!  Our yard attracts migrant warblers in the spring occasionally, more in the fall and we do have some pine warblers here in the winter.  Still, it is quite unexpected to see a Northern Parula on a feeder at my dining room window.  Then he disappeared into the live oak.  Thankfully, because I had been attempting to capture some of the hummingbird battles, the camera was still on and ready.  And knowing that Northern Parulas are curious birds that will check out a phish, I stepped out my door onto my deck and phished.  This bird showed up immediately! -- eighteen inches from my nose -- hovering for several seconds while I phished!  I could not focus on him through my bifocals.  Had I raised the big lens at that point, he could have perched on it!  Back off birdie!  And he did.  He landed on a plant hanger 10 feet from me and stared back at me curiously.  Now I could get my photo!  Clickety-click!  Wow!  What a wonderful moment!  What a great encounter!  It made my day!   I hope you enjoy the photos!

Northern Parula -- My bird of the day! -- Parc Perlière -- September 1, 2012

Northern Parula -- My bird of the day! -- Parc Perlière -- September 1, 2012

Northern Parula -- Now my bird of the day has become bored with me and is ready to leave! -- September 1, 2012