Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Watch TONIGHT: Earthflight -- A New Series on PBS' Nature -- 8 pm!

Great Egret -- James Island County Park, Charleston, SC  -- August 25, 2013

          Today, I received this e-mail from National Audubon with the strong recommendation that we watch this new PBS Nature series premiere EarthflightIn this show, you will witness up close and personal "some of the world's greatest wildlife spectacles, struggles, migrations, and stunning landscapes from a bird's-eye view."   Even before I watched the preview, I was convinced.  I love all of the Nature programs!  There would be no missing this one.  I forwarded the e-mail immediately to Carl.  He was so impressed with the preview, that he then forwarded the e-mail with his strong recommendation to at least 50 people in his address book.  If you are not convinced yet that this is the best possible activity available this evening, take a peak at this preview from the PBS Nature site.

Watch EARTHFLIGHT Preview on PBS. See more from Nature.

You will see in the e-mail that I linked above that Audubon and PBS are teaming up this evening to offer viewers an interactive opportunity in which you will be able to engage in a live chat forum with Audubon chief scientist Dr. Gary Langham and Important Bird Area (IBA) program director Andrea Jones.  They will be answering questions live during the broadcast tonight on the PBS/Nature Facebook page!

           Tonight's show is the first in this 6 part series and will cover bird flight in North America.  Subsequent shows will feature other parts of the the planet.  The final episode will present the "making-of" details.  I know where I will be each Wednesday evening for the next 6 weeks!   And if I miss any one episode, no problem -- Carl has said that we will buy this series when it becomes available.   The preview reminds us of the French film Winged Migration (2001) -- aka Le Peuple migrateur -- which we purchased as well as the National Geographic series Great Migrations, which we also purchased.

          Well, I had better post this NOW or you may miss the show!  I hope you enjoy it -- I cannot wait!

Tundra Swans -- Bear Island Wildlife Management Area, SC -- February 20, 2012

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  1. The series "Earth Flight" was absolutely magnificent. I can't imagine any way this could have been better. High praises to all who were involved in the making of these shows. Thank you so much!!!