Saturday, December 14, 2013

Charleston's Robert Lunz Group and the SC Chapter of the Sierra Club present "Living Lowcountry!"

Jack's Creek -- Bulls Island, Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge -- June 14, 2012

            On December 1, the SC Sierra Club's Robert Lunz Group (of Charleston, Colleton, Berkeley and Dorchester counties) e-Letter arrived in my inbox.  I began a quick perusal to determine if any of their events might fit into my December calendar.  In the newsletter, I found this introduction to "Living Lowcountry"  -- a grassroots conservation awareness project which is developing a new 10-part webisode series celebrating the beauty of the SC Lowcountry and highlighting the dangers posed to it by irresponsible development practices and climate change.  The newsletter premiered the first video in this series, "Episode 1: The Beautiful Lowcountry,"  narrated by Justin Jay.  The video, to me, is awe-inspiring and heart-wrenching both as it captures the wonderful wildlife and wild places that we have and also shows its destruction.  I applaud and thank Justin Jay, the creator of this project and his team for taking on this endeavor.  The more people who are aware of what we stand to lose to development and climate change, the stronger our voice becomes for greater conservation efforts.   Kudos to the Robert Lunz Group and to our SC Chapter of the Sierra Club for jointly funding this project!


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  2. Thanks - Great video !