Thursday, July 28, 2011

Follow-up: Good news! Just received an e-mail alert from National Audubon!

Brown Pelican -- Charleston Harbor -- April 2010 --  a success story of the Endangered Species Act!
The e-mail alert that I received today from the President of National Audubon, David Yarnold, contained some very good news -- a victory for the Endangered Species Act!  With bi-partisan support, the House voted 224 to 202 to remove the "Extinction Rider" from House Bill HR 2584.  I wrote to my own representative to let him know that I was disappointed in his vote as he voted to retain that language in the bill.  If you are interested in supporting wildlife, I encourage you to read David Yarnold's e-mail yourself and to perhaps communicate your thoughts to your representative as to his or her vote.  I do believe that our communications to our representatives can help to sway their votes, although such was not the case for my own ... this time. 

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