Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kiawah Island -- Captain Sams Inlet -- Star of the Day

As I mentioned in my previous 2 posts, Kiawah Island -- Captain Sams Inlet -- Conversation between a Snowy & Gull, and Kiawah Island -- Captain Sams Inlet --Shorebirds, Terns and Such, Carl and I visited this area on June 18 with our cameras.  I spent most of my time photographing my duly-dubbed "Star of the Day," a Snowy Egret.  Tiime has come to show why he was my "Star."

Well, the boy can dance!  Mr. Footloose owned the dance floor..... er, gully!  And he was not willing to share the spotlight and ran off all other potential wannabes!

That's my Star on the bottom chasing off the other...

The question is which dancer's soul did he incarnate in order to be able to make all those moves?  Was it Mikhail Baryshnikov's?

Or Patrick Swayze's?

Or Gregory Hines', Fred Astaire's or Gene Kelly's?

Or, best yet, John Travolta's!?

Seriously, take a look at his fine dancing duds!  No expense spared there.  And you must have already noted those sharp yellow shoes!

So, did all these moves get this guy a Tony?  an Oscar?  a girl?  an Olympic Medal?  No, but it earned him my admiration and this post.  And most importantly, it got him the FISH!  A lot of FISH!

Bravo!  Encore!  Bravo!  My Star of the Day!

Now I have seen several species of birds dance for their mates. But what are the other species that "dance" for a meal?  I have seen Reddish Egrets, Tri-colored Herons and Snowy Egrets.   So has anyone witnessed other herons or egrets, or even other species "dance" for their meals?


  1. That is one impressive dude! If I were a lady snowy egret I would have a hard time resisting those sly moves :)

  2. What an elegant dancer! I love this post.
    Phil Deken.

  3. Thank you Jen and Phil for the comments on the post! He was quite the dancer, Mr. Footloose -- a pleasure to watch and photograph!