Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kiawah Island -- Captain Sams Inlet -- Conversation between a Snowy & Gull

On June 18, Carl and I decided to venture out with our cameras to Captain Sams Inlet on Kiawah Island.  While Carl concentrated his photographic energy on the Wilson's Plovers and the Least Terns, my attention was drawn to this Snowy Egret, "My Star of the Day," fishing in a gully. 

Snowy Egret -- Captain Sams Inlet, Kiawah Island -- June 18, 2011

If you have observed the behavior of a Snowy in interaction with any other bird, then you will have witnessed  this "in-your-face" attitude that it often shows.  Well, Laughing Gulls are also known to have rather bold personalities. 

Laughing Gull -- Captain Sams Inlet, Kiawah Island -- June 18, 2011

 So what happens in an encounter between a Snowy Egret and a Laughing Gull?  Who comes out as top bird?  Well, that's easy.  Who has the longest beak?  Nonetheless, this Laughing Gull was not easily deterred.
I began watching the Snowy dancing around through the gully chasing & nabbing fish.  But I was not the only curious soul watching.  Here comes LG (Laughing Gull) interested in Snowy's pursuits.  Imagine the conversation ...

LG:  Hey bud, whatcha doin'?

Snowy:  Man, back off!  This is my territory!  

LG:  Oh Buddy, you a fishin!  Anything good there!?                
Snowy:  Outta my way!  I am gonna get that wiggler!
LG:  Lemme see!  Lemme see!
Snowy: Got 'em!

LG:  Oh ya did, yeah ya did!  Wanna share?
Snowy:  No way, man!  This wiggler is mine all mine!  Any questions?  Take note of the beak, man! 
LG:  Just askin' bud!  Ya don't hafta be dat way.  These Showy Snowies never wanna share!  I'm outta here!

Snowy:  Uh huh!  Good riddance!

LG:  No problem, bud!  I know how to fish!

So the Laughing Gull took off, perhaps a bit disappointed but sane and safe.  Perhaps one of those amenable Brown Pelicans will prove to be an easier target!

More photos to come from our excursion on June 18 to Captain Sams with highlights on the shorebirds and then a spotlight on "My Star of the Day" -- the Snowy Egret in his One Bird Show!


  1. Very funny. I think you've got the dialogue just right!!

  2. This one seems to have ended still on speaking terms. Looking forward to further installments.

  3. I know you can have a shotgun microphone on a 7-D but .... who did the translation for you?
    Phil Deken