Thursday, November 17, 2011

Can you talk Turkey? ... Joe can!: Follow-up!

Watch My Life as a Turkey - Preview on PBS. See more from NATURE.

        Thanks to my friend, David, for tracking down the schedule to this fabulous show.  In an e-mail, David told me how he found the schedule and he then posted the schedule in his e-mail as follows:

Saturday, November 19  —  08:00pm
35.3 - ETV World
My Life as a Turkey
"My Life as a Turkey" recreates a yearlong experiment of
naturalist-writer Joe Hutto, who bonded with a dozen wild turkey
chicks during the first year of their lives.
duration: 60 min
details: [HD] | [cc] [stereo] [ed taping rights: 1 year]

Sunday, November 20  —  12:00am
35.1 - ETV HD
My Life as a Turkey

Sunday, November 20  —  03:00am
35.3 - ETV World
My Life as a Turkey

The local (Charleston) broadcast channels are, of course, 7-1
through 7-3 rather than 35-1 through 35-3. It was a wonderful show!

The link that David provided was apparently the site that crashed last night.  And although I did not find the above schedule on this site (sorry, David, I do not know why the schedule does not appear),  I believe I have found something more useful for many of you!  You can watch the full length show by streaming it on line!  So thank you, David!  Your help has been tremendous!  Now we have a schedule and on-line streaming!

So here it is!  Go to this link on the PBS Nature site to see the full length program of My Life as a Turkey and enjoy!!!!!!!   Please do not hesitate to comment! 

        There are some other interesting tidbits that I have learned in the meantime.  For example, the title of the book in which Joe Hutto, naturalist - artist, wrote about his experiences with the wild turkeys is Illumination in the Flatwoods.   By the way, the cover shown below is one of 4 different covers that I have seen online. 

        Since then, he has lived with the Bighorn sheep of Wyoming to determine the cause of the increasingly high mortality rate of the lambs.  Sadly, his research shows that this is caused by a selenium deficiency in their diets caused by acid rain.  And he has also written a book, The Light in High Places about his life among the Bighorn sheep, Wyoming Wilderness and the cowboys!