Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Can you talk Turkey? .... Joe can!

Wild Turkey -- Heintooga Spur -- Blue Ridge Parkway -- North Carolina -- June, 2011
Unbelievable!  Touching!  WOW!  Carl and I just watched a premier of a Nature program on PBS this evening called, My Life as a Turkey.  It presents a re-enactment of the journal of Joe Hutto who imprinted as a turkey mama hen on a clutch of wild turkey chicks as they were hatching!  He then spent more than a year of his life as the Mama Turkey raising these chicks.  I believe overall that the turkeys taught him more than he taught them as their surrogate parent.  Not only is the story phenomenal, but the cinematography is spectacular --- and often from a turkey chick's perspective!

Wild Turkey -- Cataloochee --Great Smoky Mountains National Park -- June 2011

Carl and I were so excited about the show, we immediately went to the PBS Nature website, or rather we tried to, to find out when the next showing would occur because we certainly wanted to recommend it to our friends.  We believe that perhaps we are not the only ones so very excited about this show.  The site was crashed!  We cannot get onto it!

Carl did find a great review on BBC which I have decided not to link to because Carl said that, though it gave rave reviews, it also gave away the entire story.  He told me that this review favorably compared this documentary to such other greats as Gorillas in the Mist and Grizzly Man.  You can go looking for this review if you cannot resist.  But why spoil a delightful experience?

So instead, here is a little preview from YouTube.  There are other previews but this one was my favorite.  And I will ask readers that if you find out the next show time of this wonderful program, please post it to the blog so that we can communicate this to others.

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