Friday, April 6, 2012

Wine and Warblers at Francis Beidler Forest -- April 14!

            An event that Carl and I eagerly anticipate every Spring is the Wine and Warblers fundraising event for SC Audubon at Francis Beidler Forest  in April.  And yes, we have reserved our spot for Saturday, April 14!  I heard from a little birdie in the forest that there are still spots available.  So, for those of you who could come but did not know about it, for those of you who thought it was already fully booked, and for those of you who perhaps forgot about it, I highly recommend this event.  It is NOT too late!

            I have mentioned this event in a previous post, my first post on the Francis Beidler Audubon Sanctuary.  You can gain an idea of what a visit to the Beidler Forest offers in that post, "Spring at the Beidler Forest Audubon Sanctuary," and in a subsequent post, "A Visit to SC Audubon's Beidler Forest in Late June."  Here, I will reiterate what Wine and Warblers is all about for you:

 Wine and Warblers begins in the late afternoon with delicious hors d'oeuvres and a glass of wine in the center .... 

Wine and Warblers -- April 16, 2011 -- Francis Beidler Forest Santuary -- Photo by Carl Miller
 .... and then continues with a guided tour around the boardwalk with an always informative and entertaining naturalist.  As the tour progresses, the naturalist shares his knowledge of the flora and fauna seen.  The ultimate goal is to find that singing golden wonder, the Prothonotary Warbler.  Bonus:  there are additional wine and hors d'oeuvre stations along the way to sate your appetite!  All told, yes, it becomes a bit of a party celebrating the swamp and its inhabitants!  
           Some of Swampy's recent blog posts (the blog for SC Audubon) indicate that the returning warblers are filling the forest with birdsong.  Seriously, those male Prothonotaries are not elusive in the Spring when seeking a mate!  This is an in-your-face bird who will sit on a perch 5 feet from a crowd and belt out his song!  He really is quite the show-off!  And who wants to miss that?!   

Prothonotary Warbler -- Francis Beidler Forest -- June, 2009

             I hope to see you in the swamp come Saturday, April 14!  To reserve, simply click on this  link, scroll down the calendar to "Wine and Warblers" to find the phone number and call!

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