Friday, November 16, 2012

PBS' Nature: "An Original DUCKumentary" -- Yes -- a Must See! Two Wings Up!

Blue-Winged Teal -- Magnolia Gardens, Charleston, SC -- March 5, 2011

      Wednesday night, I played hookey from the Charleston Audubon meeting.  Gasp!  And Patrick McMillan of SCETV's show, Expeditions, was the speaker -- a bigger GASP!  Sorry Patrick!  So I must have some pretty darn good excuses, right?!  Hmmm...  Well, let's put it this way.  I do not regret my decision to stay home.  I have seen Patrick speak twice this year and he is indeed a fascinating and inspiring speaker.  I also participated in a field trip to Bulls Island with him in the Spring -- a wonderful event about which I will blog later as there will be a repeat event next Spring and why not help them (those folks at the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge) with a little publicity for this fund-raiser?  No, I stayed home because last week, I had seen the preview below for a new program on Nature, "An Original DUCKumentary" and I had no plans to miss it! 

Watch An Original DUCKumentary Preview on PBS. See more from Nature.

And who does not just LOVE ducks, like this beauty?!

Female Green-Winged Teal -- Magnolia Gardens, Charleston, SC -- March 5, 2011
Thus, having already heard Patrick speak twice this year, I chose the duck show!  Yesterday, my friends at work told me that Patrick was indeed great (they obviously went to the meeting) and then they promptly began to tell me about this wonderful Nature program on ducks of which they had caught the last half-hour!  Then, at  home, I found in my inbox, an e-mail from another birding friend.  She had also gone to hear Patrick speak and had also arrived home in time to catch the last half-hour of the duck show.  This resourceful friend then found a link to the program in which you can stream the whole episode!  Thank you Cornelia!!!!  Now, none of you need miss this wonderful show with fabulous footage with multiple camera angles of baby wood ducks hatching in the nest tree and then taking their BIG LEAP.

Watch Jumping Duckling on PBS. See more from Nature.

You will enjoy the amazing underwater footage of diving ducks -- their webbed feet work like underwater wings!  You will also learn about the incredible strength of the LOVELY torrent ducks -- and so much more!  I am so excited about this show I think I may just have to watch it again!  After all, who does not just LOVE ducks?!

Gadwall -- Magnolia Gardens, Charleston, SC -- March 5, 2011

Green-Winged Teal, Blue-Winged Teal, Northern Shovelers -- Santee Delta Wildlife Management Area near  McClellanville, SC -- March 20, 2010

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