Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lessons From Nature -- Be Like A Duck!

Mallard -- Parc Perlière -- Charleston, SC -- May 3, 2009

        I am confessing right now from the get-go -- this post is not purely a nature post.  Some may even conclude that it is not a nature post at all.  It is more about a song and music video that I stumbled across when researching information on Lake Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge.  The song was used as a background music to a slide show posted to YouTube called Mattamuskeet Tribute.  I liked the song immediately.  Since I knew that Carl might want to use it sometime as a background to one of his videos, I researched it further and found the original music video -- which is simply fabulous.  It is one of those songs and videos that just make you HAPPY!  So, the question becomes: can I justify posting this music video to my nature blog ..... hmmm .... let's see!

        In no particular order, I present my justifications for this being a valid topic for the Pluff Mud Perspectives Nature Blog:

Justification no. 1:  As already stated, I was researching information on Lake Mattamuskeet when I stumbled onto the song.

Justification no. 2:  Related to no. 3 below -- "Be like a duck!" has been a personal mantra of mine when dealing with stress.  As such, I frequently advise my students (and myself) when frustrated by events beyond their (my) control to "be like a duck and let the water roll off of your back" and get on with life.

Justification no. 3:  The video and song describe and demonstrate Duck behaviors that we admire and could/should emulate!

Justification no. 4:  Related to no. 3 above:  Nature inspires art and, duck behaviors, in particular,  inspired the song and the well-known dictum in no. 2 above!

Justification no. 5:  As Carl pointed out to me -- I like the song and the music video.  It makes me smile and it is my blog.  So I am posting it! So THERE!

And without further ado ... or justifications:  Here is the music video by Sandra Boynton -- performed by her adult children and others -- "Be Like A Duck" -- whose song track was originally written and produced by Boynton and Michael Ford for the Grammy-nominated album/songbook PHILADELPHIA CHICKENS

           Now doesn't that just make you happy?!  My forays into nature do that for me also.  They serve as my antidote to the stresses of indoor life and the work week.  Heaven knows, I particularly love watching ducks as they are so entertaining.  Like me, they truly relish splashing in or simply floating on the water.  Yes, you can learn from a duck!  Thus, I thank Sandra Boynton and her creative team for producing this song and video and I salute the ducks who inspired it!

Young Wood Ducks -- Magnolia Gardens -- Charleston, SC -- May 21, 2011


  1. When did nature ever need justification. Nature is art.. Art is nature. So There. :) thanks.

  2. Just great! I have always loved her cartoons & books - such fun to see her children spreading joy, too! I'm still smiling! Thanks for the surprise, Cathy!