Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Parc Perlière: New Life Bird for the Yard! -- September 30, 2013

Northern Waterthrush -- Patriots Point -- Charleston, SC -- September 19, 2010
During the work week, my observations of backyard wildlife come only at odd moments in the morning and in the late afternoon.  Late yesterday, as I was scanning the Magnolia Tree for the the Red-eyed Vireos (for more on that story, see this previous post from 2 days ago), I noted a tail-bobbing warbler.  My first thought was Palm Warbler.  But my bins revealed the stripey sides of a  Northern Waterthrush!  I wondered momentarily if this could be a new life bird for the yard and quickly dismissed the idea.  You see, lately, I have been checking the Parc Perlière Life List to see if thus-and-such species was a new life bird only to be disappointed to find -- oh yeah, we had one of those in 2008, or 2010, or 2009.  And no, I do not have this list memorized -- not anymore!  I figured this species was already there.  Thus, I did not even mention the bird to Carl who was sitting right behind me in the living room.  Sorry Carl, the bird disappeared right after I identified it so you would not have seen it anyway.  This morning though, as an afterthought, I decided that I had better verify what I believed to be true.  Turns out, I was wrong!  Northern Waterthrush is indeed Life Bird no. 109 for Parc Perlière (our backyard wildlife habitat)! 

I am sorry to say that I missed on photographing the bird yesterday.  The photo above is my best Northern Waterthrush photo from Patriot's Point about three years ago.   

PS:  Yes, the Red-Eyed Vireos are still feeding in the Magnolias! 

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  1. you have vireos,, I still have squawking grackles! :-) g