Wednesday, April 30, 2014

In the Personal Ads: Handsome, Colorful and Musical Character Seeking a Mate ....

Painted Bunting -- Parc Perlière -- Charleston, SC -- Sunday, April 27, 2014 -- Photo by Carl Miller

           Last Saturday morning, I returned from walking in James Island County Park and realized that I was still hearing painted buntings as I got out of my car.  And the birdsong was not just in my head!  I walked out of the garage to see if I could locate the bird but the songster was hidden from view.  Then Sunday evening, Carl called to me that we had a Painted Bunting in the tree behind the house.  The bird then proceeded to visit the feeder!  We hoped that this bird would find our yard to be suitable habitat and would claim it as his territory!   And perhaps he has!  We saw him again Monday morning at the feeder.  And then as Carl and I were enjoying our new swing on our back deck yesterday evening, we heard and then saw our bird!  Yea!

        We believe that he is a second year male due to the patch of green-yellow color continuing on the left side of his breast.  Knowing that these buntings exhibit site fidelity, it is possible that we may have this same bird for summers to come if he does indeed claim Parc Perlière as his territory.  What he needs now is a mate!  All our previous painted bunting visitors have been just that -- visitors passing through in the late summer!  So, calling all pretty, female green birds, we have a handsome, colorful character with a beautiful song here.  He needs some company!  Food is abundant here at Parc Perlière!

         We have had another colorful character in our yard in the last few days.  Another pair of wood ducks have been hanging out!  I am not too sure about how high the intelligence index goes on the male!  There is a perfectly good, empty wood duck box available in the creek.  Yet, this fellow led his mate up into the yard and excitedly started gesturing up towards the bluebird box (currently occupied by nesting Carolina Chickadees)!  See the photo below.

Wood Duck looking at a bluebird box -- Sigh!  -- Parc Perlière -- April 27, 2014
He then flew to the top of the box and continued chattering away to his mate very excitedly about this new housing possibility!  I am very sorry that I missed that shot!  Needless to say the Chickadee was unhappy with the intrusion.  The duck's unimpressed mate turned her back and returned to creek.  She is probably having second thoughts about who she has picked as her mate.  Phew!  Poor guy!  He is trying.  Hopefully, these two will figure it out and perhaps we will have a second pair of wood ducks nesting here in short order at Parc Perlière! 

          So dear readers, there are more tales to tell from our backyard habitat.  We hope these colorful characters continue and we will keep you posted on possible future families if they do!


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  1. I hope that female green birds will come across your blog and see the handsome painted bunting. :-) Kidding aside, it's fun too see birds and other animals in the vicinity of the place you are staying. That's why I love James Island and South Carolina in general as it keeps you relaxed with its laid back ambiance and close to nature with its pristine beaches, open meadows, and green surroundings.