Friday, April 25, 2014

Quick! A Little Birdie Told Me .....!

Prothonotary Warbler -- April 5, 2014

          Quick!  Time is running out!  A little birdie just told me that there are still open slots in the Wine and Warblers Event tomorrow evening, Saturday, April 26 at SC Audubon's Francis Beidler Forest !  This is THE Not-to-Be-Missed Spring Event!  Imagine walking through the Swamp on the newly constructed (Beautiful and sturdy, I might add) boardwalk, sipping on wine, learning about the flora and fauna of the forest from a trained naturalist, when the Golden Boy star of the evening -- the fabulously perky Prothonotary Warbler -- flies in to perch mere feet from you to serenade you!  It happens every time, I promise!  You would think they trained these birds!  But they do not.  You will learn that these birds' hormones are in high gear as they are singing to establish their territories and to attract mates.   And if one male dares to cross the invisible (to us) line into another male's territory, watch out!  Zooming yellow torpedoes will fly right by you as they chase one another!  No worries!  These birds neural reaction times are far faster than ours.  Thus, I can also vouch that no  Wine and Warbler participants have been hit by one of these golden rockets.    

          What a convivial crowd of birders and non-birders, too,  to hang out with!  I highly recommend this event.  Carl and I will be there tomorrow evening.  Yes, I have blogged about Wine and Warblers in the past and if you would need more information to be convinced that this should be your Saturday night activity, you can see my previous posts here and here.   So come join us for food, wine, birdsong, & laughter on this fund-raising event for SC Audubon!  You will not be disappointed.  The first link will take you to the phone number that you need to make your reservation.  And thank goodness you can still get a reservation!  See you there! 

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