Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Update: Look What Hurricane Arthur Blew In -- Pomarine Jaeger

          Here's a quick update on the previous post's handsome and rugged Pomarine Jaeger.  I learned yesterday morning that the injured bird had been transported to the Rapter Center -- Avian Conservation Center in Awendaw for care.  The Medical Clinic Director has reported that the bird had had been singed and many feathers were missing and this compromises his natural waterproofing.  Other than that the bird seems in relative good health and is "bright, alert and responsive."  They are providing him with fluids, vitamins, food, medication to prevent Asper (a malady that strikes birds held in captivity) and a salt water pool.  Because he will need to complete a full molt before he can be released (and the mold period is months away), the center may transfer him to CROW, a treatment facility on Sanibel Island in Florida, which is better equipped to provide long-term treatment to pelagic species .

          Kudos to our Rapter -- Avian Conservation Center for treating "our" bird and to the people who got him there!  I will see if I can obtain more updates on this bird in the future.

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  1. looks like he got caught in a tornado..... Arthur must have beat him up pretty bad. Hope he can get to Sanibel and a facility accustomed to treating pelagic birds. Thanks for sharing all this with those of us not able to go see him for our self. G