Friday, November 28, 2014

Attention Friends: Time for the Annual Charleston Audubon Holiday Oyster Roast!

Advertising the Best Oyster Roast in the Lowcountry --  Photo Credit: Lesser Squawk, November/December 2014
Do not miss Charleston Natural History Society's (aka Charleston Audubon) Annual Holiday Party -Fundraiser - Oyster Roast -- December 7, 2014, from 2 to 5 pm at Bowens Island!       

               Wow!  I feel for all of the blog readers who do not live her locally in the Charleston area.  You are going to miss out!  Charleston Audubon is once again hosting the BEST Oyster Roast at the BEST Possible Oyster Roast location, Bowens Island (talk about local flavor -- this place is quintessential down-home, coastal Lowcountry), with the BEST Oysters.  Why are they the best oysters?  We are going to be slurping down the tastiest Lowcountry, Pluff Mud grown oysters available with a serene down home view of the creeks and marsh where these babies are harvested.  I have eaten oysters from France, New Brunswick, New Jersey, Florida and Louisiana and I can say that these scrumptious Lowcountry oysters are the richest in flavor.  The secret lies in the Pluff Mud, you know.  You have not truly experienced the best of this critter until you have tried ours!

Charleston Audubon enjoys Bowens Island oyster at annual oyster roast -- December 8, 2012

Juicy Lowcountry Oyster --

Shapely Lowcountry Oyster

           For those of you who do not partake in oysters, there will be several varieties of homemade chili, breads and yummy holiday desserts to fill you tummies.  And to assuage your thirst, we offer soda.  There will also be a keg for those who like beer.  Donations are appreciated. 

Liquid Sunshine adds to the ambiance-- view from the covered dock where the roasted oysters are served at Bowen's Island CNHS Holiday Oyster Roast 2012 -- December 9, 2012

Brother Jimmy comes by boat sometimes -- Photo taken from dock at Bowens Island Restaurant -- CNHS Holiday Oyster Roast 2012 -- December 9, 2012

Not only will we be enjoying oysters, chili and views, we will also be entertained with the wonderful music of the talented duo, Dan Rainey and Dallas Corbett from the band, Wrenwood.  This is a treat well worth the entry fee with or without oysters, chili, and view.

Wrenwood -- December 9, 2012

Wrenwood -- the most excellent band that plays for the Charleston Audubon Oyster Roast -- December 8, 2013
           That's not all, folks!  We are also offering a fabulous gift selection via Silent Auction.  You can find the perfect Christmas gift here.  Make the winning bid and you will come away with a great gift  and the knowledge that your dollars are going to support our educational programs and our preservation efforts on our McAlhany Nature Preserve.  

         Now you can pre-pay for $25 per person for all you can eat or pay $30 at the door using this printable online form.   Alternately, you can go to the Charleston Audubon webpage and click the "donate" button, then send $25 per person through PayPal (you don't need to be a PayPal member); your name will be logged along with the donation.  Tickets will not be mailed.  Instead, a list of pre-paid names will be at the door.  

          Just picture it -- being outdoors on the coast on a southern December afternoon with that soothing view which has inspired many an artist, with the aroma of the Pluff Mud marsh combined with the delicious smell of steamed Lowcountry oysters, the camaraderie of fellow nature lovers, the fab music with local mucisians, and a little spicy chili, yummy desserts -- there's no beating it!  You should all come -- those who live near and far!  Do not miss out!  If you live a piece down the road, come make a weekend of it with the oyster roast being your final stop before heading back home.  You will not regret it!  See you there Sunday, December 7, from 2 - 5 pm! 

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