Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pluff Mud Perspectives Offers Calendars for Sale to Benefit Charleston Audubon

                Yes, I did say calendars!    For many years I have been creating nature calendars as Christmas gifts for family and friends.  They have now become a much anticipated Christmas tradition.  I am flattered to say that some of my family and friends have actually cut the pictures out and framed the images for home decor.

                  About 3 years ago, Charleston Natural History Society (aka Charleston Audubon) began buying them to sell at the Annual Holiday Oyster Roast.  This year, I am now able to make them available for sale on-line with no financial risk to myself or to Charleston Audubon.    All of this is possible due to a change in the printing company to   Careful!  If you want to check out MY calendars, there are a few direct links below! 

                  First, let me tell you about your options.  There are 2 versions -- named Southern Currents & Pluff Mud Perspectives -- and 2 sizes of the wall calendars.  Then, there are 2 versions of the desk calendars, also named correspondingly -- Southern Currents and Pluff Mud Perspectives.   The desk calendars follow the same basic designs as the wall calendars with a few changes in the photo selection.  Both versions of these calendars give a peek at nature as I have seen it from late 2013 through 2014.  Most of the photos celebrate birds and other wildlife of the beautiful South Carolina Lowcountry.  A few images come from my 2014 summer trips to Tennessee, Maine and New Brunswick.   These calendars are printed on high quality photo cardstock and hold their shape well when hung on the wall.  This product has Cathy's seal of approval for quality.  I can promise you that I am darn fussy!  I am donating all proceeds from the sale of this calendar to the Charleston Natural History Society (aka Charleston Audubon), a chapter of the National Audubon Society, to support its educational programs as well as to support the McAlhany Nature Preserve.  Warning:  The Southern Currents Wall calendar has a handsome photo of an Eastern Cottonmouth (snake).  For the squeamish, I recommend the  Pluff Mud Perspectives Calendar which has no snakes.  

               Without further ado, I reveal the list of links to the page where you can preview and purchase these calendars.   Think Christmas gifts!  And remember that if you give this calendar, you are giving twice -- once to the recipient and once to Charleston Audubon.  

Southern Currents Nature Calendar 2015 (wall)

Southern Currents Nature Calendar 2015 (desk)

Pluff Mud Perspectives Nature Calendar 2015 (wall)

Pluff Mud Perspectives Nature Calendar (desk)

              To all family and friends who have regularly received the calendar as a gift:  Yes, you are still receiving a calendar this year from me.  But perchance you have wished in the past that you could make gifts of the calendar that you enjoy each year.  Well, now you can!  Do not hesitate to take a peek and purchase the calendars  for people on your gift list.  The tradition continues -- you are still on my list.

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  1. What a wonderful project to support Charleston Natural History Society and nature in general. Thank you for sharing your photography in such a beautiful way!